King Cyrus Grand Chapter

Past High Priesthood

in The State of Virginia

King Cyrus Grand Chapter Holy Arch Masons (PHA) of Virginia open it’s Past High Priest Council on 17 January 2009 in the City of Portsmouth, Virginia for the purpose of bestowing the Past High Priesthood Degree upon the newly elected Most Excellent High Priests and those Past High Priest who had not obtained the Degree.

The Council was open by the Most Excellent President Right Excellent Grand Lecture of the East John R. McDonald Sr. #15, assisted by the Right Excellent Grand King Rudy A. Baker #9, Past Most Excellent Grand High David L. Wilkerson, Jr. #9, Past High Ronald Johnson #4, Past High Priest Jesse Patrick #15, Past High Priest Samuel Rivers #74, and the Right Excellent Grand Secretary Michael Hodges #9.

Those Royal Arch Companions that were initiated into the Past High Priesthood were: Excellent High Priest Morris Mitchell #74, Past High Priest Paul E. Carter II #7, Excellent High Priest Hallie Oxley #2, Excellent High Priest Steven Leggette #72, Past High Priest William Christian #7, Excellent High Priest Ronald Vernon #4, Excellent High Priest Morris Hicks #18, Past High Priest Leonard Dilligard #18, Past High Priest Floyd Seaborne #74. Congratulations to all the new inductees.

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King Cyrus Grand Chapter Holy Royal Arch Masons Past High Priest Hood Council Officers

President Robert Ashton #72
Vice President  Michael Coffey#14
Treasurer Curtis L White #9
Recorder  Michael Hodges #9
Chaplain Curtis Gunn #9
Master of Ceremonies Carl Albritton #2
Conductor George Barnes #4
Herald Ray Fisher #9
Steward Victor Garcia #2
Sentinel Warren Mann #72
Asst Recorder James Ollison #9


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